Jan 26, 2010

What is the Connection with Maslow and P.E.T.?

Maslow and P.E.T. Theory and Skills

Maslow selected a relatively small study group, because his intention was to get others thinking about what he initiated regarding human needs. His study included both well-known people such as Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Schweitzer, Jane Adams, Alduous Huxley, etc. as well as twelve other unidentified individuals. His material provides a good definition of the word "need" that is critical for understanding and executing Step I - Define Needs in the Method III process.

In addition to the traits mentioned in the Maslow information in section 7 of this Session he also included such qualities as: an acceptance of self and others, resistance to social pressures and a view of life's difficulties as problems requiring solutions instead of person trials. He noted that the people he identified enjoyed solitude, autonomy and relationships with a few close friends and family members and that a number of them also suffered from imperfections such as anxiety, guilt, and absentmindedness.

The connection of Maslow to the P.E.T. philosophy and skills:

Many, but by no means all, people in the U.S. have a good portion of their Level I and Level II needs met; however, growing concerns about terrorism, natural disasters and teen violence have a significant impact on how many people's feel about their Level II, security needs. Many suburban parents and teens who previously paid minimal attention to security concerns now experience fears about high school shootings, bomb threats and an overall rise in violence.

P.E.T. groups vary according to the background and circumstances of the participants. Young, single, unemployed mothers living in an unsafe urban neighborhood, will most likely be struggling to meet Level I and II needs while suburban parents in high income jobs will have most of those needs met and will be primarily focused on Levels III and IV.

In a number of other countries, large segments of the population struggle daily to meet even their basic Level I needs.

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