Jan 28, 2010

Ever Wish Parenting Came With An Instruction Manual?


It's called Family Effectiveness Training (F.E.T.), a self-instructional home video program.

Family Effectiveness Training is your blueprint for building a happier, more intimate marriage and raising kids you'll be proud of.

You can use what you learn immediately to:
  • Resolve family conflicts peacefully
  • Set rules that family members follow
  • Influence others to respect your needs
  • Prevent angry arguments
  • Eliminate punishment
  • Reduce resentments
Over one million parents in 37 countries have been taught these skills by our licensed instructors of Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.). Now, parents and their children can learn directly from the creator of these scientifically proven skills, Dr. Thomas Gordon.

Family Effectiveness Training consists of 8 video-guided lessons, a comprehensive resource book, an audio CD, and skill development exercises. Family members can take the course together in the privacy of their own home.

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