Jan 25, 2012

The Kind of Rules That Kids Will Stick To

One of the number one complaints we hear from parents is that their kids don't do as their told and that they disobey "the rules." On the other hand, when using P.E.T. methods to set rules parents find more often than not, that these same kids end up adhering to the rules that are set. But why is this so? What is the key difference in setting rules the "traditional" way versus setting rules the P.E.T. way?

Like most people, when children are ordered to do things without reason or having any say in the matter, you might have a pretty hard time getting them to follow through without feeling (at least) some resistance from them. Telling children to follow the rules "because I said so" or "because I know what's best for you" or even "because I am the grown-up" is a classic form of flexing your parental power in the relationship. And in all relationships with an imbalance of power, you will find that the subservient will grow increasingly resentful of the controller. Time after time, the use of power always ends up failing in the long run.

After all, it is an innate human characteristic to want to feel in control of our own lives and behavior.

With P.E.T., Dr. Gordon founded a new way of setting rules so that the needs of everyone are considered and at the same time, things get done. The six-step process of Method III allows all parties involved to come together to discuss the needs are of everyone and what needs to get done. The reason why Method III is so highly effective is that it utilizes the theory of the principle of participation.

The principle of participation states that an individual is much more motivated to carry out a decision when they have participated in the decision-making process.

Makes sense, huh? We thought so too.

Try it at home and let us know how it works! For more detailed information on what the six steps of Method III are, check out our article here: Get What You Need Every Time.

Jan 18, 2012

How To Know If P.E.T. Is Right For You?

So you've decided that you want to learn more about being a "better" parent. After all, it is widely considered to be the most important job you can ever take on. While that's true, you might also be realizing that you have no experience, skill or education on how to effectively raise a responsible and happy child. The stuff that you're trying now just isn't working and you feel terrible every time you yell at your kids. The future generation is in YOUR hands! Now what?

Well first of all, kudos to you for taking the first step in seeking knowledge about how to manage important duty.

You might ask yourself a few questions like:

  • Does punishment really work? 
  • Is compromise necessary? 
  • Should parents hold the power?
  • Are there other skills out there that you've never even heard of?

Since we know that you won't just go out and purchase the first parenting book that you come across (promise us you won't do that!), we've broken down and eight of the most common parent training programs out there and compared them with our Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.)

In the article, you will find P.E.T. compared with:

  1. Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.)
  2. Nonviolent Communication (N.V.C.)
  3. How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk
  4. Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (S.T.E.P.)
  5. Active Parenting
  6. Love and Logic
  7. Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)
  8. Dare to Discipline

To read the comparison, click here to find the article: Parenting Program Comparison

Comment below, let us know what you think!

Jan 4, 2012

P.E.T. 2012 Starting Strong

Greetings and Happy New Year!

We've got so much to be excited about this year and on top of it all, 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of Parent Effectiveness Training. Yes that's right, Dr. Thomas Gordon taught the very first P.E.T. class to parents back in 1962!

Our 50 Year Anniversary is a major accomplishment for us and is a reminder to how many parents and families lives P.E.T. has affected around the world. It doesn't seem like many things even stay around for 50 years! We'll be doing lots this year to celebrate this milestone and will be sure to keep everyone informed on all the good stuff.

As an excellent start for this new year, check out how many P.E.T. workshops we already have scheduled for this month! Click the link here for our P.E.T. workshop calendar:

Many of you might not see a workshop anywhere close to your town, which is why we also offer Family Effectiveness Training (F.E.T.), which is essentially the at-home version of the P.E.T. workshop. To find out more information about F.E.T. or to purchase the program online, please check our link here:
(recognize the face in the video? ;) )

We hope you all have had a thriving start to the new year and hope that the P.E.T. skills stay strong in ALL of your relationships!