Oct 26, 2011

Contest Giveaway!

Greetings and Happy Holiday Pre-Season to all. We hope you're all enjoying the cool transition into Fall and are all keeping warm and cozy.

We are due for another contest giveaway and this is going to be a big one! This season, we will be giving away one free Family Effectiveness Training program, plus a few other surprise goodies. You can think of it as a "care package" of things that you and your family will enjoy together with the F.E.T. program. Since this is such a huge giveaway, we are upping the stakes too!


Here's how to win:

1. Like us on Facebook here: Like! = 1 entry

2. Follow us on Twitter here: Follow = 1 entry

3. Follow/Join our blog by clicking "Follow" in the very top, left corner of this page = 1 entries

(Doing all three will give you three entries!)

4. Lastly, you MUST leave a comment below this post, with your name, email address and type of entry for us to verify.

Bonus: You can even count additional entries if other members of the same family complete one of the three options above - just make sure to post another comment below.

If you're already following and liking us, that's great too. Just please be sure to let us know in the comment area on this post.

A winner will be drawn and chosen at random in the next several weeks.

Good luck and Happy Halloween!
The GTI Team


  1. Hi,

    name: Czeslaw Liebert
    mail: nashaden (at) gmail (dot) com

    Sadly, I'm not on FB, but I followed u on twitter. I also tried the 3rd link, but it seems to be broken. My webbrowser says it's unable to connect. Can you please check it?

  2. What a great giveaway! I've followed on Twitter for a long time, just liked P.E.T. on Facebook and subscribed to the blog in my google reader. (BTW, the link to 'join' is not working.)

    Dawn Kim
    hampchick at gmail dot com.

  3. Hi, this is Brooke Moore (email is Brooke_L_Moore@yahoo.com). My husband and I LOVE PET and are very interested in checking out the FET program. I want to submit three different entries for the contest. I have "liked" you on facebook, I'm following you on twitter, and I have subscribed to your blog (the link to join wasn't working). My facebook account is http://facebook.com/brooke.l.moore and twitter is @BrookeLMoore. Please let me know if you need any more info...

  4. I totally and utterly agree that the punishment advocated by the Pearls is very scary. I remember the yard stick when I was a kid. It only ended up making very scared of my parents and encouraged sneaky behavior. It didn't work. I think what we're seeing here is a backlash to too much permissiveness in our parenting. I see all too often cases where the kids just walk all over the parents and they aren't sure what to do.

  5. How exciting!
    Alyce Thorp, alyce.thorp@gmail.com

    I was first given TET by a colleague at a homeschooling coop. Followed up with PET and waiting for Be Your Best to come through interlibrary loan at my local library. I'm hoping to use FET with my new husband and later with our soon to be growing family :)

  6. I already follow you on facebook, and now on Twitter. I also read your blog. My email is jgdene@gmail.com. What a great opportunity! Thank you very much!

  7. Hi there, I liked you on Twitter and Facebook, but had problems with the 3rd item. kristine . walker @ gmail . com

  8. name: Shannon Huang
    E-mail: huangshannon@gmail.com
    Type of Entry: liked PET on facebook


  9. should I be concerned that my comment never showed up?

  10. Hi,

    I already follow you on facebook and also follow the blog through facebook (just also pressed join below)!

    I'm trying to initiate classes in Pakistan. That has interesting dynamics.

    Love the material! The skills produce amazing results... hoping to spread the word much further. :)

    I can be connected to on www.maryamafnan.com.

  11. Lisa Stephens
    inthelight23 at hotmail dot com
    followed on Twitter
    liked on Facebook
    already follow the blog on my Dashboard

  12. Lisa Foley-Pellicani
    2 entries, already like on Facebook & read blog.
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  13. I follow on GFC
    I follow on FB (Chris Fretwell)
    I follow on Twitter (ChrisRFretwell)

    homejunk at shaw dot ca

  14. I "liked" you on FB.
    I follow this blog.
    Sorry, I don't Twitter.

    Wesley Satterwhite

  15. hello,
    i hope it's not too late...I followed you on twitter, fb and this blog.
    my e-mail is
    thanks! :-)

  16. Mindy Matheny
    mindycat72 at gmail dot com

    I have followed you on fb(for years!), twitter, and blog.

  17. megan hakanson, email is meganhakanson@gmail.com
    love your stuff thank you!

  18. Already a PET friend on FB, liked this,
    Follow on Twitter as 'parents peace'
    Follower of blog

    PET is my favorite book!


  19. The holiday season is now virtually on top of us! What a great giveaway! My name is Renee Stewart, jgdene@gmail.com. I'd already liked you on fb and am now following your blog and your tweets. Thanks and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!

  20. This would be such a wonderful blessing for our family. I've already been sold on the PET book and would love the ability to get my whole family more involved with more info, especially my partnet. FET would be the perfect options.

    Looks like I have 3 entries as I already like you on facebook and follow you on twitter. I just started following the blog as well.


    name - Karen Daniel
    twitter - danielcreations
    email - [first name] at [twitter account name] dot com


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