Sep 7, 2010

Benefits You Can Look Forward To

Many young people who have learned the Gordon Model of building democratic relationships have willingly shared the benefits and rewards they have experienced.

They always begin by talking about their own family:
  • "When my Mom and Dad and I don't agree on everything, it (the skills) really helps because we don't let things get out of control and everyone's feelings are less likely to get hurt."
  • "I have learned not to yell as much and have learned to be patient until finding a compromise."
  • "I know what to do when an argument starts."
  • "I can now talk to my parents about anything, and I know they will listen without preaching--even if what I tell them might upset them or disappoint them."
  • "My friends find it hard to believe that I have really good relationship with both of my parents."
  • "I feel that my parents are my best friends."
  • "Nobody in my family is the boss."
These young people also describe the benefits they have received in their relationships with their friends or at work:
  • "All my friends know they can come to me with any kind of problem and get heard. They know I am a good Active Listener."
  • "I know that any conflict that comes up with my friends can be resolved using the skills I've learned."
  • "I'm able to distance myself from my friends' problems and let them be the owners of their problems."
  • "The training has made me a better problem-solver when things go wrong in my life. I know how to brainstorm."
There is one final benefit you may not be aware of. Young people, like yourself, raise in a non-punitive and democratic family will themselves to create such a family when they marry and have children. Then those children will do the same, and the next generation of children will follow, and so on.

Can you see that you can make a valuable contribution to society? In successive generations there will be more and more young people like yourself and more and more democratic families. You will be helping create a whole "new species" of young people, clearly different from the typical youth of today. There will be fewer acts of injustice and violence, few juvenile delinquents, fewer divorces, and so on.

In short, you can now contribute to our society by being one of the people who makes democracy a way of life.*

*Excerpt from Dr. Thomas Gordon's F.E.T. Young Adult Resource Book

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