May 25, 2010

What Are the Negative Effects of the 12 Roadblocks?

The Negative Effects of the 12 Roadblocks

Here's a list of reactions people have told us they had when they owned a problem and the other person used the Roadblocks:

They made me:
  • stop talking, shut me off.
  • argue.
  • feel resentful or angry.
  • feel I'm being pressured to change--not accepted as I am.
  • feel I'm not being understood.
  • feel I've been interrupted.
  • feel I'm on the witness stand being cross-examined.
  • defensive and resistant.
  • feel inadequate, inferior.
  • feel guilty or bad.
  • feel the other person doesn't trust me to solve my problem.
  • feel my feelings aren't justified.
  • feel frustrated.
  • feel the listener is just not interested.*
*Excerpt from Dr. Thomas Gordon's F.E.T. Young Adult Resource Book

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