May 6, 2010

What Appreciative I-Message Will You Send to Your Mom?

In honor of Mother's Day, let's find ways to show our Mother's that we appreciate them--by sending Appreciative I-Messages!

Appreciative I-Messages

These are I-Messages that describe your positive feelings about another person. Appreciative I-Messages express appreciation, enjoyment, affection and love towards parents, brothers, sisters, friends, grandparents, etc. They can contribute greatly to warmer, closer and more enjoyable relationships.
  • "I appreciate your taking my turn making dinner. It gave me time to finish my homework."
  • "I really like the story you wrote."
  • "Mom (Dad, Grandma, etc.), I love you."*
What Appreciative I-Message will you share with your Mother and/or loved ones? :)

*Excerpt from Dr. Thomas Gordon's F.E.T. Young Adult Resource book

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