Apr 21, 2010

Identifying Who Owns the Problem

Here are the answers to yesterday's quiz! The answers are in blue.
  1. Your child tells you she is worried about failing an important test at school. - Child Owns Problem
  2. Your daughter expresses her disapproval of her brother's friends. - Child Owns Problem
  3. Your children often leave a mess in the kitchen and leave you the responsibility for cleaning. - Parent Owns Problem
  4. Your child is learning to play the guitar and asks you to listen to the chords he's learned. - No Problem
  5. Your child fails to come home on time to leave for a dental appointment which you must pay for anyway. - Parent Owns Problem
  6. Your baby begins to cry while getting a tetanus shot. - Child Owns Problem
  7. Your daughter often gets up too late to catch the school bus and then asks you to drive her to school. - Parent Owns Problem
  8. Your son needs the car to pick up a friend at the airport; you need it to go to a meeting. - Both Own Problem
Please note: These are not the only correct answers; special circumstances in your family may make different answers correct for you.

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