Mar 17, 2010

Ever heard of Limerick Effectiveness Training?

LET - Limerick Effectiveness Training

So your boss said she wanted you to go
Learn some new skills you didn't yet know
You practiced some ways to be real
So people can know how you feel
And you learned how to deal with a foe.

This model helps you to choose
Which skill that is best to use
You learned about GLOP
That it's something to stop
Which came as not-such-good news.

It's very hard to gauge
Which is your learning stage
You're more than aware
But still not quite there
And hope that will come with age.

So when you finally shift gears
And hear someone else's fears
May you be filled with hope
Because now you can cope
Both with your family and peers.

Happy St.Patrick’s Day!

(Written by the Limerick Master, Linda O’Adams)

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