Sep 14, 2009

Is Your Child's Environment Child-Proof?

There are eight methods of changing unacceptable behavior by changing the environment. We have discussed four of the methods thus far:
  1. Enriching the environment.
  2. Impoverishing it.
  3. Simplifying it.
  4. Restricting it.
Now, we move on to the fifth method:

Child-proofing it

Child-Proofing the Environment

Although most parents remove medicines, sharp knives, and dangerous chemicals from the reach of children, a more thorough job of child-proofing might include such things as:
  • Turning pot handles to the back of the stove when cooking.
  • Buying unbreakable cups and glasses
  • Putting matches out of reach.
  • Repairing frayed electric cords and plugs.
  • Keeping the basement door locked.
  • Removing expensive breakable objects.
  • Locking up sharp tools.
  • Putting a rubber mat in the bathtub.
  • Making upstairs screens secure.
  • Storing slippery throw rugs.
Each family should conduct its own child-proofing inspection. With very little trouble most parents can find many ways to child-proof the home more thoroughly to prevent behaviors that would be unacceptable to them.

Happy child-proofing!

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