Sep 16, 2009

Are You Prepared?

The seventh method of changing unacceptable behavior by changing the environment is:

Preparing The Child For Changes In The Environment

Many unacceptable behaviors can be prevented by preparing the child ahead of time for changes in her environment. If her usual baby-sitter is unable to come on Friday, start talking with the child on Wednesday about the new babysitter who is going to come. If you are going to spend your vacation at the beach, prepare the child weeks ahead for some of the things she is going to encounter--sleeping in a strange bed, meeting new friends, not having her bicycle with her, the big waves, proper behavior in a boat, and so on.

Children have an amazing capacity to adjust comfortably to changes, if parents would only discuss these things ahead of time. This holds true even when children may have to suffer some pain or discomfort, as in the case of going to the doctor to get shots. Discussing hurt for a second, can do wonders to help them cope with such a situation when it occurs.

Remember to always prepare!

Tomorrow's post is the eight and final method of changing the environment:

Planning Ahead With Other Children

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