May 18, 2011

Our Big News - Now on Kindle!

Greetings to all of our P.E.T. Fans and Followers!

Gordon Training International is proud to announce our first eBook publication, available on Kindle and Amazon now!

Author of the best-selling "Parent Effectiveness Training" (P.E.T.), Dr. Thomas Gordon's "Teaching Children Self-Discipline" is known to be one of his best works.

Dr. Gordon addresses the number one concern of parents and teachers today - disciplining children. He shows why traditional disciplining doesn't work at home or in the classroom, and how to change children's behavior effectively using skills of cooperation instead.

A truly enlightening read for parents and teachers alike - and a perfect Summer read!

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  1. Hi to all P.E.T. folks. I have, today, published my website for advancing The P.E.T. attitude, philosophy and skills. In checking out my search engine results, I find the first site to pop up is for the Lehman BEHAVIORIST website. She has a page called CONSEQUENCES 101 and it is unnacceptable to have the Gordon P.E.T. name associated with such an organization.
    She is using "our name" for a parenting philosophy in direct opposition to what we teach, what I teach. can she do this? Use the name, PARENT EFFECTIVENESS TRAINING IN THIS WAY?
    Can this be stopped?
    Also, have you seen the websites peddling cutesy time-out products. Little chairs and carpets with the child's name on them as in Jennie's
    Time-Out Chair or Bobby's Time-Out Corner.

    Shirley Luxem


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