Jan 16, 2009

P.E.T. News: Now on Facebook and MySpace!

Do you have a Facebook or MySpace page? P.E.T. has both!

First, we have started a new group on Facebook called "Parent Effectiveness Training" and we'd love you to join and help spread the word about this great program!

If you have Facebook, click here to become a member of the "Parent Effectiveness Training" group on Facebook. Also, go ahead and invite any friends you have that might be interested in or would benefit from P.E.T.

If you don't have Facebook, look into it! :) It's a great way to reconnect with friends and family, share pictures and express your views on life.

We have also created a page on MySpace. Click here to view our profile and add us as your friend!

We hope to see your smiling faces in our members section soon!

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